Can I bring my own Nerf gun?

Please don’t – we want to keep the guns and balls/darts confined to the arena area, and not have to search the woods for lost ammo!

How do I find out what’s happening during the festival (and before!)? What’s Discord?

We use Discord as a multi-channel text chat (like a dedicated Whatsapp) during the festival (and before). It will also host our Festival Radio! You can access it through a web page or (better) by installing the app on your phone/PC. To join our discord, pop over to

You’ll find channels for general chatter and other festival organisation, as well as ones for specific games. It’s a great way to keep up to date both before and during the festival.

What else is on?

Various big games such as Blood on the Clocktower, Speakeasy and Two Rooms and a Boom, nerf wars, party games, a quiz, Diplomacy, even the odd outdoor game dotted around. If you have a game you’d like to run, contact us on discord or email and we’ll help you make it happen!

What roleplaying activities are there?

We’ll have GMs running regular games of D&D and other systems, one-shots, short campaigns and much more. We have an RPG sign up meet Friday evening, a ‘meet and greet’ for GMs and players. If you want to roleplay (playing or GMing, please come along!), and get in touch if you want players for your adventure. If you’ve got your own group/GM, great! Any game, any system, new player or veteran.

What’s Werewolf?

Werewolf (or Wherewolf) is an amazing social deduction game of 10-20 players that lasts an hour or more. Try to figure out who is on your team, who’s a werewolf, and who’s a villager. We play in a circle (it’s a talking game, not a live action or roleplaying game) with lots of different roles, and there’s nothing quite like playing Werewolf around a campfire in the dark! We highly recommend you try a game or ten – there will be learning games specifically for new players.

Are board games provided? How should I look after board games?

Please bring some if you can (though there will be plenty even if you don’t), and ideally be prepared to share. The Festival is an opportunity to meet new gamers and play new games, so do have a mingle, and please do welcome new players into your games!

Please look after any games you play, and re-pack them as you found them. We can’t take any responsibility for your games – store them in your tent overnight, and make sure your name and contacts are inside.