Have I got a ticket?

If you want to check you have a ticket, then visit the tickets page. It should say, “You have 1 Ticket for this Event” (or however many you have. Any questions, contact us at hello@strangegamesfestival.co.uk to check.

You should also have received an email confirming your ticket purchase.

Please note that this year you will have an actual electronic ticket, accessible from the tickets page.

Can I bring children?

We’re family-friendly, and we do have a kids hour planned run by one of our younger staff. However, we are an adult gaming event, with alcohol and a lot of gamers just kicking back, relaxing, and occasionally rage-quitting with swearing. You will need to supervise children at all times, and their behaviour and experience is your responsibility. You do need a full ticket for each child over 10, as we’re limited on the total number of gamers we can have on site. Un-attended children will be taught Cards Against Humanity, fed coffee and returned to you. Good luck.

What about Solo?

Oh yes Han! We’re a friendly, inclusive event, and everyone is encouraged to join games, share games, and invite players. We’ll even have some sessions for meeting other players, forming groups and playing specific games.

Can I come in a group?

Yes you can, and camp in a group, space permitting. We hope you’ll play with others too though, it’s so much more fun!