Pre-pitched tents now available and update

Hello campers!

Pre-pitched tents are now available for the Strange Games Festival 2022 (26th-29th August)!

Find out more here:

Behind the scenes, the team is hard at work already, making sure this festival is going to be even better than last year’s. Our food vans and bar have reconfirmed, and we’re looking at options for a fourth food van, possibly a different one each evening.

Blood on the ClockTower will be back, as well as Werewolf (of course!), plus more boardgames and RPG action. We’re talking to boardgames companies about expanding our games library, and we’ll have a second marquee area to give you additional space to play.

We’re talking to the venue, and planning on more archery and other activities (possibly air rifles, crate stacking and the return of Nerf Wars).

And we’re looking at what big games we can play, including an Artemis Starship bridge set up (be the bridge crew in command of  starship, with real screens for your stations), 16-player Space Cadets: Dice Duel, Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies, Diplomacy and more.

Keep an eye on the Discord for news and chat:

And if you haven’t already, grab your tickets at

See you in the summer!


Tickets now available for the 2022 Festival

Hey all

Pleased to say that tickets are now available for the 2022 Strange Games Festival. Come join us 26-29th August 2022 at Bushy Wood again, for a long weekend of games, food and fun.

You can get hold of your tickets here:

We don’t have tent pre-pitch available yet, but we’ll have that sorted soon.

So, what’s the 2022 Festival going to be like? Awesome of course!

We’re going to build on what we did for the 2021 Festival, and we’ll keep you up to date with plans here. Two things we already know will be different: we’re going to have another marquee space (in the stage/arena area) so there are more gaming tables, and we’ll have a booking system for scheduled games, rpgs and so on.

If you want to chat about the Festival and keep up to date, come join us at the Strange Games Festival discord.

And if you haven’t already, please sign up to our mailing list in the footer at the bottom of our website.

See you in the summer!


Nearly there!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m surrounded by boxes, to-do lists, things I’ve remembered and things I’ve forgotten. I have a van to pack, which is looking a lot smaller inside than it should, and my printer has died. In other words, I’m nearly ready to head to the Festival!

Some of us will be on site from Thursday preparing and getting things ready for your arrival; you’re welcome on-site from 2pm on Friday, we’ll be manning reception through the afternoon and into the evening. All-Hands is at 7pm, please make it to that if you can (meet at the stage/arena area). If you’re going to arrive after that, please let know. If there’s no obvious reception when you arrive, please find someone with a yellow lanyard and we’ll get you sorted.

When you arrive, we’ll say hello, sort you into a house(!), assign you a camping spot, give you some literature and get you to sign the covid declaration, then bestow a magic wristband on you. A festival elf will guide you to your camping spot and leave you to enjoy settling in.

Then head to the village square, find a game, and start playing!

Words aren’t enough to explain how excited, happy and pleased I am to be seeing you all again after so long. Let’s make it the best Festival yet!

Oh, and if you didn’t know, this year, we’re at:

Bushy Wood Activity Centre
Main Road
East Sussex
BN27 3LZ

See you there!


Food and Drink at the Festival

Hey all, quick update on food and drink options at the festival… Please note all take (and prefer) contactless payment.

Firstly, we have a bar again! Betsy’s Bars will be helping us celebrate in style, offering draught beer/lager, bottles, spirits and wine.

Secondly, the site shop will be open daytimes serving cold drinks, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, marshmallows (and sticks!) and popcorn.

Finally, we’ll have three food vans serving:

Scooby Snax will be serving the menus below, plus Saturday evening they’ll have Chilli Con Carne or Chicken Curry with rice and roll, and on Sunday Beef stew with veggies and potatoes. Plus cooked breakfasts!

Flux (Vegan) will be serving:

And Crepes de la Creme will be serving:


Get tested! And Covid entry requirement

Hello campers!

We want to make the Festival a safe space Covid-wise for everyone, and need your help to make it so. Here’s the three things we need from you:

  • PLEASE don’t come to the festival if you have any Covid symptoms (high temperature, continuous cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste). Contact for a refund if you have symptoms.
  • PLEASE take a lateral flow test ahead of the festival. You can order kits online from the NHS and they’ll arrive the next day. If you test postive contact for a refund.
  • When you check in you’ll need to sign to certify that you are either double-vaccinated, have had a negative lateral flow test in the last 48 hours, or a positive PCR test within 180 days, and not within the last 10 days.

Many thanks for your co-operation, and see you soon!

The Quiz and Gameshow – Saturday evening entertainment

Hello Campers!

Saturday evening is stage night – come along to the stage in the arena (same place as All-Hands) at 6pm to join the infamous festival QUIZ. A long-standing tradition of the Festival, the quiz pits teams of players against each other in a pub-quiz style format. This year, sadly, the inimitable Andy can’t make it, so Derek has stepped up to create a gaming-focussed quiz experience. You can come along with a pre-formed team of 4-6, or just turn up to join a drop-in team.

And, straight afterwards, Sasha Ellen takes the stage to bring us one of two interactive gameshow experiences… which one depends on how well our technology is working!

Character Building Experience: a Dungeons-and-Dragons-style, comedy, roleplaying game show, suitable for the experts, the novices and the uninitiated but curious. No two quests are alike. Roll the dice on this comedy gameshow!

Everyone is…: an interactive comedy game show, where comedian panelists battle for control over a character for their own secret, nefarious purposes and the audience gets to call the shots. Get ready for puzzles, treasure hunts and playing favorites!

And best of all, the bar and food vans will be nearby, so come long and join us for some nice food, drink, quiz victory and some gameshow fun.

One week to go – updates!

Well that happened quickly – there’s just a week to go till the Festival… and literally a handful of tickets left.

You might be wondering if YOU have a ticket? If you bought your ticket through the old Meetup system, pop over and see if it says you’re going at the bottom. If you bought through this website, check the tickets page and see if it says “You have a ticket to this event”. If not, don’t panic – if you have a paypal transaction, you’ll have a ticket. You can always contact us at to check.

So some updates:

  • we had a bar, lost a bar, have now got a bar!
  • our main food van pulled out at short notice, and we found a replacement (phew)!
  • weather is looking good during the days, but cooler at night, and possible showers
  • site will open from 2pm Friday, please turn up for all-hands meet at 7pm if at all possible
  • game/rpg signup meet follows on from all-hands.

So, it looked for a while that we wouldn’t have a bar, but the lovely folk at Betsy’s Bars have stepped up so we can celebrate in style. They’ll have draught and bottled beer, plus cider, spirits and wine… I fully intend to partake!

Unfortunately our main food van have been hit by staff shortages courtesy of some pandemic or other, and had to pull out suddenly. You can imagine, this caused some mild panic… Against all odds, we found Scooby Snax, who’ll be serving cooked breakfasts, burgers, baguettes and much more from their van. They join Flux Vegan and Crepes de la Creme in our food alley.

BBC Weather for Hailsham reckons a high of 21, overnight low of 13, sunny intervals and a gentle breeze. There’s a definite chance of showers, so we recommend you bring a waterproof just in case, and a fleece for those late night gaming sessions. Oh, and sunrise is at 6am, for the obligatory communal exercise.

The site will be open from 2pm on Friday 27th for some lazy settling in, and the Festival proper opens at 7pm with our traditional All-Hands meet, please come along if at all possible. The game/RPG signup meet follows on from that.

The Festival runs until 6pm on Monday 30th, by which time you’ll need to have cleared down and be heading home (but let’s not think about that now!)

What else? If you’re thinking of having some lazy ‘me’ time at Craft & a Cuppa, then maybe bring a project along, and have a natter in the Discord about what others are doing. In fact, whatever you’re interested in, the Discord is a good place to find like-minded folks and make some plans.

More news over the next few days….



RPGs at the Festival

Are you thinking of playing or GMing at the Festival? We’ve got you covered!

Firstly, go join the #roleplaying channel on Discord to chat and catch up on what’s on, and if you’re thinking of GMing, let us know so we can give you the the GM tag and access to the top-secret VIP #rpg-gm-organisation channel.

Secondly, make sure you’re at the RPG signup event, right after All-hands on Friday evening (around 7:30pm). This will be an opportunity to meet GMs and sign up for games for the weekend.

All our GMs will be using the X-card (a simple safety tool to let you tell the table you’re uncomfortable and need the current scene re-played – some games may contain mature themes). You’ll be able to find out more about each game at the RPG signup event.

So, what games are our lovely volunteer GMs running? No surprise, there will be plenty of options to play D&D 5e, but we’ve got a smorgasbord of tasty alternatives…. Here’s a flavour of some of the games you’ll be able to play, most of which need no experience:

Apple Lane – Runequest

You’re approached to defend Apple Lane from Tusk Raiders, but you don’t know when or how the bandits will attack. What could possibly go wrong? A new scenario set in the famous Apple Lane from Runequest, inspired by the Magnificent Seven.

Brindlewood Bay

A Powered by the Apocalypse game where you all play elderly women who solve murders whilst dark Eldritch forces attempt to destroy the world. A strong focus on roleplaying and story telling. Think Murder She Wrote meets HP Lovecraft.

Brute Force & Ignorance

When someone rubs the Genie’s lamp and they say “your wish is my command”, well… they’re lazy. They have a team of specialists, you lot, who’s job it is to grant the wishes. Misinterpretation and over-complication encouraged. A very simple homebrew system.

Call of Cthulu – Darkness Visible

Set in late Elizabethan London, the players are members of a Royal organisation tasked with carefully handling heresy and plots against the Crown. The company are charged with securing a dangerous heretic and transporting him to a secure location.

Call of Cthulu – By the pricking of my thumb

The Black Company, a royal organisation, is tasked with investigating the recent death of Lord Barkham. Mystery and fear obscure the facts surrounding the death of a controversial public figure.

Glad to be Ghoul

What happens when a half human servant is in a car crash?

An adults only Fate/oWOD Vampire game, with mature themes.

The Incandescent Grottoes

A low level adventure location in the classic vein – a small section of the Mythic Underwold where the surface world’s logic recedes and magic and monsters abound. Judicious use of stealth, parley, and trickery are encouraged.

Player will be playing Classic Fantasy adventurers, searching the underworld to locate the source of various rumours that the characters have heard about the Grotto in hope of finding the treasures within.


Masks is a game using the Powered by the Apocalypse system which focuses more on a roleplaying and storytelling as opposed to strategy and combat. Masks tells the story of teenage superheroes trying to manage their superpowers (or lack thereof), their burgeoning careers as protectors of the city and the usual teenage angst. The stories are very similar to programs such as Young Justice, Teen Titans and Secret Warriors.

Monster of the Week

Buffy meets Supernatural meets the X-files. Most people don’t believe in monsters, but you know the truth. They’re real, and it’s your task to bring them down. A Powered by the Apocalypse game.

Ten Candles

10 days ago the world went dark, five days ago THEY came. They are hunting us. Now we’re struggling to find safety and salvation in a dark and dying world.

Adults only, this is a tragic horror game, played by candlelight. No-one will survive, but you’ll get to tell your story. There will be darkness, fear, betrayals, and THEM. Low on the dice rolling, high on the storytelling.

Time Heist

The party work for a near-future company who perform dubiously legal acts with the aid of a time machine, and are recruited from across time. They are tasked with causing a casino to fail as spectacularly as possible on its opening night in 1981 in Las Vegas. Probably using Fate Accelerated.

Winter’s Daughter

A 5E one-shot adventure set in the weird fairytale forest of Dolmenwood. Discover what haunts the crypt of the legendary hero, Sir Chyde, explore the wintry dungeon below his barrow and uncover the mystery of the Lady of the Wood. A romantic dungeon crawl with fairy tale elements.