Latest News and Updates

Hello Campers!

Lots of news about the Festival (27th-30th August, Bushy Wood Activity Centre near Hailsham this year!)… so sit down, grab a cuppa and read on.

Firstly, we’ve put our schedule of events up, so you can start planning your Festival. We’ll have a more detailed programme with times out soon, and sign up forms for some of the events/rpgs and so on.

As always, the Festival is a fun sandbox for you to play in, the only (nearly) mandatory event is to come along to the arena/stage area at 7pm on Friday for our traditional ‘all hands’ intro meet. And, this year, let’s celebrate being back at the festival: feel free (entirely optionally) to dress up, wear your funniest t-shirt, or just sport your very biggest smile!

The Festival opens from 2pm on Friday 27th for a chilled afternoon of getting settled in and ad-hoc gaming. We’ll have new player meets and introductions to Werewolf and so on during the evening. There’s plenty of marquee, hall and table space for you to do your own thing as well.

Saturday onwards we’ll really get going – you can even sign up to shoot REAL bow and arrows (for free!), play life-size Twin Tin Bots, craft some bunting for your tent, or get down to some serious Werewolfery, roleplaying and boardgaming.

And Monday, you don’t need to be off-site till 6pm, so plenty of gaming time available!

Moving on to the Pandemic (sadly, not the board game)…. To keep everyone as safe as we can, we’ve updated our Covid entry policy to match that used by many big festivals. This means that if you’re over 18, at check-in you’ll need to sign a form to self-certify that you’ve either:

  • been double-jabbed, or
  • took and logged a lateral flow test in the last 48 hours, or
  • have natural immunity, and have had a positive PCR test within the last 180 days.

You can find out more about this (and many other things) in our FAQs.

Food & Drink: this year we’ve got three (count em!) food vans, hopefully covering all needs. Sadly though we won’t have a bar as planned. Please bring your own alcohol if you want to (and drink it responsibly…).

Lastly (for now), and most excitingly, wehazmerch!

Pop over to our Merch page to see a range of festival t-shirts and other cool stuff from Redbubble.

More updates soon – join our Discord at to chat and keep up to date on the Festival.

See you soon!