One week to go – updates!

Well that happened quickly – there’s just a week to go till the Festival… and literally a handful of tickets left.

You might be wondering if YOU have a ticket? If you bought your ticket through the old Meetup system, pop over and see if it says you’re going at the bottom. If you bought through this website, check the tickets page and see if it says “You have a ticket to this event”. If not, don’t panic – if you have a paypal transaction, you’ll have a ticket. You can always contact us at to check.

So some updates:

  • we had a bar, lost a bar, have now got a bar!
  • our main food van pulled out at short notice, and we found a replacement (phew)!
  • weather is looking good during the days, but cooler at night, and possible showers
  • site will open from 2pm Friday, please turn up for all-hands meet at 7pm if at all possible
  • game/rpg signup meet follows on from all-hands.

So, it looked for a while that we wouldn’t have a bar, but the lovely folk at Betsy’s Bars have stepped up so we can celebrate in style. They’ll have draught and bottled beer, plus cider, spirits and wine… I fully intend to partake!

Unfortunately our main food van have been hit by staff shortages courtesy of some pandemic or other, and had to pull out suddenly. You can imagine, this caused some mild panic… Against all odds, we found Scooby Snax, who’ll be serving cooked breakfasts, burgers, baguettes and much more from their van. They join Flux Vegan and Crepes de la Creme in our food alley.

BBC Weather for Hailsham reckons a high of 21, overnight low of 13, sunny intervals and a gentle breeze. There’s a definite chance of showers, so we recommend you bring a waterproof just in case, and a fleece for those late night gaming sessions. Oh, and sunrise is at 6am, for the obligatory communal exercise.

The site will be open from 2pm on Friday 27th for some lazy settling in, and the Festival proper opens at 7pm with our traditional All-Hands meet, please come along if at all possible. The game/RPG signup meet follows on from that.

The Festival runs until 6pm on Monday 30th, by which time you’ll need to have cleared down and be heading home (but let’s not think about that now!)

What else? If you’re thinking of having some lazy ‘me’ time at Craft & a Cuppa, then maybe bring a project along, and have a natter in the Discord about what others are doing. In fact, whatever you’re interested in, the Discord is a good place to find like-minded folks and make some plans.

More news over the next few days….