The Quiz and Gameshow – Saturday evening entertainment

Hello Campers!

Saturday evening is stage night – come along to the stage in the arena (same place as All-Hands) at 6pm to join the infamous festival QUIZ. A long-standing tradition of the Festival, the quiz pits teams of players against each other in a pub-quiz style format. This year, sadly, the inimitable Andy can’t make it, so Derek has stepped up to create a gaming-focussed quiz experience. You can come along with a pre-formed team of 4-6, or just turn up to join a drop-in team.

And, straight afterwards, Sasha Ellen takes the stage to bring us one of two interactive gameshow experiences… which one depends on how well our technology is working!

Character Building Experience: a Dungeons-and-Dragons-style, comedy, roleplaying game show, suitable for the experts, the novices and the uninitiated but curious. No two quests are alike. Roll the dice on this comedy gameshow!

Everyone is…: an interactive comedy game show, where comedian panelists battle for control over a character for their own secret, nefarious purposes and the audience gets to call the shots. Get ready for puzzles, treasure hunts and playing favorites!

And best of all, the bar and food vans will be nearby, so come long and join us for some nice food, drink, quiz victory and some gameshow fun.