Things to bring to the Festival!

“Teppic picked up his hat and checked its lining for the coil of cheesewire. He placed it on his head at a jaunty angle, took a last satisfied look at himself in the mirror, turned on his heel and, very slowly, fell over.”

― Terry Pratchett, Pyramids

Yup, it’s time to start thinking of what you should bring along to the festival! Here’s our ‘top things to bring’ list, along with various additions submitted by the cool folks in our FB group.

  • Camping Chair (great for chilling and impromptu games, and sitting on – pretty essential)
  • Headtorch (for navigating around after dark)
  • Table lantern (if you’re playing games late)
  • a fleece or something (to keep you warm in the evening)
  • a waterproof (for those pesky showers)
  • Suncream (to ensure suitably slippy, and also to protect from sun)
  • Bin bags (to collect and take your rubbish and recycling away)
  • Water bottle (hydration!)
  • Some cash (for the Bring & Buy and Craft Fair)
  • Discord installed on your phone (for updates, Festival Radio and general chatter)
  • your finest finery, dressing-uppiness, t-shirt and/or smile for Friday evening All-hands
  • Games! All the Games!

Other crowd-sourced recommendations (not all to be taken seriously) include:

  • Lanterns, a mug with a lid and pots to put game bits in
  • Marshmallows (fyi the site shop sells these, and sticks!)
  • ITS A FESTIVAL. Bunting, lights! All of the twinkly lights, silly decorations
  • Sun hat! Black Bin liner for your dirty clothes! Sturdy shoes as Bushy does have uneven ground! Wash kit and towel!
  • Battery back up for your phone
  • Hammock for living the relaxed life
  • Silver bullets, Stake, Cross & Garlic, Tin foil hat….
  • Tent. Airbed. Bedding. Clothes (please bring clothes.. please…).

Got any more suggestions? Pop over to the FB group and let us know!