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Mini-MegaGame: Heist!

Arena Marquee

'Heist!' is an asymmetric crime caper that puts players in the roles of both a heist crew inside a bank, and the authorities outside trying to stop them. Players join one of two teams - either the misfit thieves, trying to manage the confusion within the bank and keep their team together, or the authorities,… Read More »Mini-MegaGame: Heist!

Mini-MegaGame: The Last Final Conference

Arena Marquee

The galaxy is on the verge of destruction, and this peace conference is the last hope for bringing about peace amongst the four dominant empires - Karimen, Vashuto, Barin, and Sojuk. However, achieving peace is not a simple task as each empire has its own interests, ambitions, and fears. The negotiations will be fierce, and… Read More »Mini-MegaGame: The Last Final Conference

Mini-MegaGame: The Raven Banner

Arena Marquee

For decades Danish raiders have been pillaging the coasts of England, but recently the “Great Heathen Army” conquered the northernmost kingdom of Northumbria. As a Saxon aristocrat or Danish raider you will be fighting and negotiating to ensure the best future for yourselves in this chaotic and violent era. The Raven Banner is a small… Read More »Mini-MegaGame: The Raven Banner