Games & Events

Here you can find out more about what’s on at the festival each day. Some games have limited space and will require signing up to in advance – free tickets for these will be available to book here from the first day of the festival (from 2pm on Friday 26th August 2022)

Some event runners have requested early signups (e.g. to allow players time to pre-prepare an RPG character sheet) these are the exception to the rule and will be available to book here a little earlier (from 10am on Sunday 21st August 2022)

Names used for signing up will be visible on the webpage for each event – feel free to use a nickname if you would prefer to! This signup list is only so you can identify yourself to the event organiser on arrival

Remember to check back in regularly during the festival! As the weekend goes along, people will often offer additional games and events as well as the ones that are planned in advance

Please note, for safeguarding reasons we ask that all Under-18s attending games and events must be accompanied by a responsible adult

Upcoming Events