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What’s on?

The Festival opens from 2pm on Friday 25th August, and kicks off for real with the Welcome Meet at 7pm on Friday – come to the stage!

All weekend, you’ll be able to play boardgames (under marquees, in our hall, or on tables dotted around the site), roleplaying (various systems, various lengths), party games, big board games (you wanted to play Twilight Imperium, right?), as well as stage performances and more! (If you have any safe outdoor games, bring ’em along – Boules tournament anyone?). We’ll even have some site-wide app-based games and VR gaming. In our Social Deduction glade, you’ll be able to play Werewolf, Blood on the Clocktower, Mafia and the new game from the designer of Wherewolf.

You can organise your own games in the ‘#organising-games’ channel on our Discord, before and during the Festival, and using post-it notes on the boards in the Activity Centre during. Aside from the Welcome Meet all events are optional. If you just want to hide in the woods, chill out, or play a relaxed game with friends, go ahead!

In addition to the open gaming, and community-organised games, we have a smorgasboard of boardgames, RPGs and other events available for booking.

Booking on to events

The buttons below will help you find games and events – search by type, day, or sign-up opening time. Do check back in during the festival: extra games may be added here, on Discord, and on post-it boards in the Activity Centre (where you’ll also find the schedule whiteboard).

How do sign-ups work?
If a game or event has limited space, you will likely need to sign up in advance. For most scheduled games and events, you can do this via the registration link on the event’s individual webpage once the link becomes available. Please note: names used for signing up through these webpages will be publicly visible on the webpage for each event – feel free to use a nickname if you would prefer to!

Online sign-ups will open in two phases: 10am on Saturday 19th August (i.e. the Saturday before the festival) for ‘Early Access’ events and 10am on Friday 25th August (i.e. the morning of the first day of the festival) for regular events. If you’re unsure when something is going to open for registration, please check its individual webpage and look for a pale blue box – if it is going to have online sign-ups, the release time will be shown there.

Some games, such as Werewolf, Blood on the Clocktower, or Mafia, will run on a rolling basis so please visit the facilitators in the Social Deduction Glade to sign up there.

Some games and events, such as archery, air rifles, climbing, medieval combat training, VR games, and PlayCulture games, will be run by external providers so please visit them onsite or check the event webpages for more information about how to sign up.

Please note, for safeguarding reasons we ask that all under-18s attending games and events be accompanied by a responsible adult

Upcoming Events