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Accessibility Guide

As a small, community-run event, we’ve tried to cover as much as we can here, but if you have other needs you may need to get in touch with us to discuss your specific circumstances. You can email the event organisers at, or if it’s about a specific physical access need you can reach the campsite staff (who know the site best) by phoning 01323 843713 or emailing

Please email before the festival if you need to camp closer to the main Village Square for accessibility reasons.

First Aid: If you need medical assistance, there will be trained first-aid staff on site throughout the weekend, at a first aid marquee near the main square. Additionally, Bushy Wood site staff (based in the site reception / shop building) are first aid trained.  

About the site

The Strange Games Festival is hosted on a beautiful woodland campsite which is primarily used as an activity centre for Scouts, Guides and other youth groups. While the site is generally flat with lots of well-maintained paths, it is quite extensive, and off the paths it may be uneven or have stones, uneven ground, or the odd rabbit hole! It is run and maintained by a small (and mostly voluntary) team, who make improvements every year – if you find any particular issues please do let them know so they can consider if further improvements can be made. 

Arrival and parking

On arrival at the festival you will find a long, wide (and rather bumpy) access road. If you are arriving by car and need accessible parking, please let our volunteer stewards know so they can direct you to the spaces we reserve closest to the reception area. If you need support to find a suitable camping spot, or some help with moving your gear, please just let the reception team know. 

Please note: It is a busy event with a lot of cars to pack in and people arriving over a long period of time, so if you know that you need accessible parking please drop us an email to so we can make sure a suitable spot is saved for you. 

Moving around the site

The campsite is large and mostly flat, composed of around 16 ‘glades’ (each holding around 10-20 tents), all surrounded by woodland, with a network of maintained gravel paths. 

  • The three ‘main’ paths (Baden Powell Way, Maclean Path and Rowallan Ride) and those around the main square and buildings are the smoothest and most accessible, and should not pose any significant issues even to wheelchair users. 
  • The path from Baden Powell Way to the outdoor activity space and main campfire at the western end of the site are through the woods, i.e. dry packed dirt with a few natural trip hazards (rocks/roots), and a slope down to the campfire. If you have limited mobility you may require assistance here. 
  • Smaller paths may be more uneven and challenging if you have limited mobility. Some small games may be held on spaces around the site, so it is best to check with organisers if you have accessibility needs. 

‘Accessible’ pitches: Pitches are not allocated or marked, but we do our best to leave free a few ‘accessible’ spaces – i.e. as close as possible to smooth pathways. If you know that you need as smooth a pathway as possible from your tent and around the site, please drop us an email to and we’ll make sure to keep a suitable pitch for you. 

Distance: Typically it will take between 1-5 minutes to walk to your campsite from the main square and toilet block, although the furthest may be about 5-10 minutes away. We are hoping to have some porta-loos at the far end of site but will not know if this is possible until close to the time. 

Sound, Noise, and Lighting

If you are D/deaf or hearing impaired: The gaming spaces can get quite noisy, as at any event, and this is particularly the case in the lodges where sound can echo. You will probably find that the outdoor spaces under the marquees in the square, or further out around the campsite, are best.

If you are sensitive to noise: The central areas (the square, the buildings, and around the fires) can get noisy, with lots of gamers all chatting to each other. However, the site is large and you should be able to ‘slip away’ for a bit of peace in the woods when you need it, possibly with some birdsong!

Overnight: Please note that as a large event for adults, many of whom stay up late into the night, we cannot guarantee that any areas will be silent, although we do try to keep activities at one end of the site. Generally, pitches located near to the square and on the western side of the site (near the campfires) are noisy late into the evening, whereas quieter areas are further from the square, to the east. A pair of earplugs may be helpful if you are sensitive to noise.

If you are blind or sight impaired: Please see ‘moving around the site’ for information about pathways, and be aware that there may be trip hazards throughout, as it is a woodland site. In terms of visibility of games, typically the buildings are well lit with normal indoor lighting, the marquees in the square have some lighting (enough for card/board games for those with good vision), and as you move out and about the site it will get much darker, particularly at night. We recommend that everyone brings a torch / lantern (it’s camp!) and this is particularly the case if you have more limited sight where you may find that an extra light will help you at your gaming table in the evening. 

Electricity access

As a woodland campsite, please be aware that ongoing access to power at your tent and overnight is not possible – for devices such as phones most guests will need to make their own arrangements i.e. power banks. There will be some limited phone charging available via the site office and shop – if you have a particular health need to prioritise this (e.g. so that you can contact a carer, or for a small medical device), please let the site staff know and they will be pleased to help. If you need electricity access for other reasons (e.g. charging a large medical device / mobility aid) or refrigerated storage for medicine please contact us and we may be able to arrange this, although access may not be possible overnight.

Toilet and bathing facilities

The main toilet block has separate female and male bathrooms, each with 1 step to access, and individual toilet and shower stalls. There will also be gender-neutral porta-loos (location TBC) and several gender-neutral showers (behind the toilet block). 

The main accessible toilet and shower is gender-neutral, and is in the toilet block at the northern end of the site. This is accessed via a flat cement path and open throughout the festival apart from very brief spells when it is cleaned. If there are any issues with this toilet the site office is open nearby from early until late. If needed, there are other accessible toilets in the Shackleton Lodge and the Activity Centre, and a second (slightly less) accessible shower stall in Shackleton Lodge. These are located on the main square, but for your privacy are best used only if the main toilet is in use, as they are used as gaming spaces.  

There is a baby change unit, unfortunately due to space / wall limitations this is currently still in the female toilets – the site apologise for not yet having a more gender-neutral location. 

All bathroom facilities are stocked with toilet paper, soap and hand dryers or paper towels, and are checked regularly. If you find any issues please advise any of the event team who wear yellow lanyards.  

Building Access

  • Shackleton Lodge (used for boardgaming and some booked activities), has flat access and wide doorways.
  • The Kipling (Scout) Lodge (housing boardgame library and site HQ) has ramped access.
  • The AV Lodge has ramped access.
  • The Activity Centre (used for boardgames and a few booked activities) has ramped access, but this is quite steep so some users may need assistance. 
  • The site reception / shop has couple of steps to access. We apologise for this – please ask staff if you need assistance.

Images of the site

Parking and initial approach into the site

Access to the standard toilets (1 step)

Accessible toilet and shower

Paths around the main square and buildings:

Main paths around the campsite: