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2023 FAQs

If your question isn’t answered here, or you think of a question it might be handy to have answered here, email us at

(Apologies for the order of the FAQs…. technology eh?)

Where’s the nearest cash machine?

While our food vans all take card, you’ll need some cash for the Sunday Market and Bring & Buy.

The nearest cash machines are in Hailsham, or the supermarkets at either roundabout on the A22 – a car trip away courtesy of the busy dual carriageway in between…

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Is the Festival LGBTQIA+ friendly?

Yes we are, and proudly so. We’re a richly diverse, inclusive bunch of gamers.

You may also want to read about our Safe Space Policy and Festival ethos. We have ZERO tolerance of homophobia, transphobia or any other form of discrimination.

If you have any worries about coming to the Festival, drop an email for reassurance.

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Have I got a ticket?

If you want to check you have a ticket, then visit the tickets page. It should say, “You have 1 Ticket for this Event” (or however many you have. Any questions, contact us at to check.

You should also have received an email confirming your ticket purchase.

Please note that this year you should have an actual electronic ticket/QR code, accessible from the tickets page. Due to system issues we may not use these at reception though.

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Got more questions…?

Email, come find us on Discord, or find a staff member at the event.

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I want to run a game or event

Awesome! Get in touch with us at Or come see us at the Festival! Or y’know, wander round, find some players and a space and do it!

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How do I find out what’s happening during the festival (and before!)? What’s Discord?

We use Discord as a multi-channel text chat (like a dedicated Whatsapp) during the festival (and before). It will also host our Festival Radio! You can access it through a web page or (better) by installing the app on your phone/PC. To join our discord, pop over to

You’ll find channels for general chatter and other festival organisation, as well as ones for specific games. It’s a great way to keep up to date both before and during the festival.

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What else is on?

Various big games such as Blood on the Clocktower, Speakeasy and Two Rooms and a Boom, party games, a quiz, events on the stage, even the odd outdoor game dotted around. If you have a game you’d like to run, contact us on discord or email and we’ll help you make it happen!

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What roleplaying activities are there?

We’ll have GMs running regular games of D&D and other systems, one-shots, short campaigns and much more. Mostly you’ll book these when the festival opens. There may also be some adhoc games arranged.

If you want to GM, drop a line.

Any game, any system, new player or veteran.

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What’s W(h)erewolf?

Werewolf (or Wherewolf) is an amazing social deduction game of 10-20 players that lasts an hour or more. Try to figure out who is on your team, who’s a werewolf, and who’s a villager. We play in a circle (it’s a talking game, not a live action or roleplaying game) with lots of different roles, and there’s nothing quite like playing Werewolf around a campfire in the dark! We highly recommend you try a game or ten – there will be learning games specifically for new players.

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Are board games provided? How should I look after board games?

Please bring some if you can (though there will be plenty even if you don’t), and ideally be prepared to share. The Festival is an opportunity to meet new gamers and play new games, so do have a mingle, and please do welcome new players into your games!

Please look after any games you play, and re-pack them as you found them. We can’t take any responsibility for your games – store them in your tent overnight, and make sure your name and contacts are inside.

And we have a big board games library, which you’ll be able to borrow games from!

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Can I bring children?

While children are welcome at the Festival, we do not (for reasons of safeguarding) have any activities specifically for children. We are an adult gaming event, with alcohol and a lot of gamers just kicking back, relaxing, and occasionally rage-quitting with swearing. You will need to supervise your children at all times, and their behaviour and experience is your responsibility. You do need a festival ticket for each child, as we’re limited on the total number of gamers we can have on site. Unattended children will be taught Cards Against Humanity, fed coffee and returned to you. Good luck.

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What about Solo?

Oh yes Han! We’re a friendly, inclusive event, and everyone is encouraged to join games, share games, and invite players. We’ll even have some sessions for meeting other players, forming groups and playing specific games.

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Can I come in a group?

Yes you can! We hope you’ll play with others too though, it’s so much more fun.

Camping can be busy, so we cannot guarantee you’ll be able to camp together as a group unless you arrive together. Please don’t try to reserve space for friends arriving later.

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What is the Strange Games Festival?

A fun weekend of camping, glamping, playing board games, werewolf and role playing games (and more!). We started in 2016 as a group of werewolf players camping for a weekend, and over the years we’ve broadened out and became a gaming Festival for all gamers.

We host over 500 gamers, spread out over a beautiful woodland campsite in Sussex.

You can play under big marquees, out in the woods, in indoor halls. We have food vans, a bar, lots of fun activities, and much, much more. Come play!

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