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Our ethos

The Strange Games Festival aims to be a fun, chilled and unique experience, a step away from normal life, so that everyone participating can have truly awesome time. We’re a diverse bunch of gamers of mixed genders and ages, single people and groups, introverts and extroverts. And we like it like that.

A key part of this is that we are committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our staff, volunteers, suppliers, performers and attendees. We don’t tolerate any discrimination, and the Festival particularly aims to be a safe and welcoming space for members of the LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent communities. If you do experience, or witness any discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation, please find a member of our team and let us know asap.

For a long summer weekend, we are tribe of gamers, a crowd of lovely people and friends you haven’t met yet. We want this to be the best damned time you’re going to have all year. Just remember the first rule of Strange Games Festival: DON’T BE A DICK, and we’ll get along just fine.

Simon and the Festival team, 2023.