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The Strange Games Festival 2023

Bushy Wood Activity Centre Main Road, Hailsham

The Strange Games Festival 2023 - a long August bank holiday weekend of games and camping. Board games, Role-playing games, Werewolf, Blood on the Clocktower, marquees, food stalls, and much… Read More »The Strange Games Festival 2023

Free – £80.00

Climbing Wall

Bushy Wood Activity Centre Main Road, Hailsham

Climbing sessions will be run by the site during this time window You can buy tickets and get more information at the site shop (the shop is open 9am-8pm daily)… Read More »Climbing Wall

Deep Rock Galactic

Birches1 (N)

A brand new, cooperative board game based on the awesome dwarf mining game! Brave the depths of the planet Hoxus to mine precious minerals while fighting off hordes of Bugs.… Read More »Deep Rock Galactic

Sunday Market

Village Square

Craft Fair for all your beautiful wares and goodies. If you're interested in selling your geeky, game-y, handcrafted wares, please complete the google form here: Any problems, questions, etc,… Read More »Sunday Market



Due to popular demand a second Speakeasy has opened! For fairness, please only sign up to this game if you did not attend Saturday's Speakeasy   The Fed's have gotten… Read More »Speakeasy


Birches1 (S)

A one-off Frostgrave scenario! All participating players can bring their own warband (even if it's currently running in another campaign) and I'll run a scenario involving treasure, a Big Bad… Read More »Frostgrave



A live-action game based on the true story of Nicaraguan Sign Language, where deaf children in a country with no official sign language spontaneously created their own. Players embody students… Read More »Sign

Yuok River Rescue

Birches1 (N)

Using D&D 5e in a Planescape-inspired contemporary fantasy setting, this mystery sees players investigate a string of disappearances occurring around the river Yuok. A role-play heavy one-shot using battlemaps and… Read More »Yuok River Rescue

Medieval Combat Showcase


An exciting display of full contact medieval combat by Knight’s Tower



Modern horror RPG using jenga rather than dice. Try and escape a camping trip gone horribly wrong but maybe don't get too attached to your character.   Content warnings: horror,… Read More »Dread


Village Square

Rallyman is a dice-based, push-your-luck, racing game full of nail-biting action, catastrophic spins, and dastardly manoeuvres. Some of us Rallyman addicts will be returning to the track with fancy new… Read More »Rallyman

Event Series Mafia


Willows1/Social Deduction Glade

Rolling games of Mafia during this time window. Please visit the Social Deduction Glade for more info!


Scout Glade

You are a hobbit in a village that is not the Shire but is basically the Shire and you are going to have adventures with your friends which may extend… Read More »Hobbits!