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The Strange Games Festival 2023

Bushy Wood Activity Centre Main Road, Hailsham

The Strange Games Festival 2023 - a long August bank holiday weekend of games and camping. Board games, Role-playing games, Werewolf, Blood on the Clocktower, marquees, food stalls, and much… Read More »The Strange Games Festival 2023

Free – £80.00

Darkness Visible


A Call of Cthulhu - Candlelight adventure. This adventure is set in the late Elizabethan Age. Players are members of Govt's secret company - The Black Company who are tasked… Read More »Darkness Visible

Firefly: Novices

Activity Centre

Recommended for players new to Firefly. I'll run another game for those with experience of one game or more. Fictitious people may die


Willows3 (E)

Rpg, open world campaign. Group will be playing adventure mice, exploring and solving problems in the local area   Under 18s should be accompanied by a responsible adult


Birches1 (S)

This one-shot is both beginner friendly and welcoming to more experienced players. We’ve had lots of success before at strange games and though we don’t yet know whether players are… Read More »D&D

Archery & Air Rifles

Bushy Wood Activity Centre Main Road, Hailsham

Archery and Air Rifles sessions will be run by the site during this time window You can buy tickets and get more information at the site shop (the shop is… Read More »Archery & Air Rifles

Bring & Buy

Village Square

Sellers come and see Sas in the Village Square with your games and your completed form between 11.30am and 12pm then return to collect your earnings/unsold games at 2pm. Buyers… Read More »Bring & Buy

2 Rooms and a Boom


A Bomber, A President and a load of Hostages being swapped. Are you trying to protect the President, or do you want them in the Room with the Bomber. Try… Read More »2 Rooms and a Boom

Alien RPG – Fallout

Birches1 (N)

This short adventure is a one-act scenario for the ALIEN roleplaying game. The scenario is designed to provide a brief taste of ALIEN RPG Cinematic gameplay. In this scenario, the… Read More »Alien RPG – Fallout

Frozen in Time (DCC)

Willows3 (E)

Eons-old secrets slumber beneath the forbidden Ghost Ice. Since the time of the Elders, the local barbarians tribes have shunned the sinister glacier, knowing it as a taboo land that… Read More »Frozen in Time (DCC)

Open Mic


Live music on stage, headlined by the awesome Pog If you'd like to entertain us (acoustic or mildly mic-ed only), get in touch with .



The Fed's have gotten into the Speakeasy Everyone has a secret role of Fed or Mob and a secret codeword that matches players on their team. You have 1 hour… Read More »Speakeasy

Darkest Night


Call of Cthulhu Candlelight Elizabethan Era Darkest Night is an adventure set in the murky backwaters of London in the late Elizabethan Age. Players are members of the Virtuous Honour… Read More »Darkest Night

The Quiz!


Test your nerdy knowledge at the annual Strange Games quiz! Do you know your Marvel from your DC? Your Catan from your Carcassone? Your Neil Gaiman from your George R… Read More »The Quiz!

Event Series Mafia


Willows1/Social Deduction Glade

Rolling games of Mafia during this time window. Please visit the Social Deduction Glade for more info!

Werewolf TTRPG

Scout Glade

In the world of darkness the apocalypse is fast approaching and a group of garou, werewolves, are all that protects a Sussex site of natural beauty from being destroyed or… Read More »Werewolf TTRPG