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Booking and tickets

Have I got a ticket?

If you want to check you have a ticket, then visit the tickets page. It should say, “You have 1 Ticket for this Event” (or however many you have. Any questions, contact us at to check. You should also have received an email confirming your ticket purchase. Please note… Read More »Have I got a ticket?

Can I bring children?

While children are welcome at the Festival, we do not (for reasons of safeguarding) have any activities specifically for children. We are an adult gaming event, with alcohol and a lot of gamers just kicking back, relaxing, and occasionally rage-quitting with swearing. You will need to supervise your children at… Read More »Can I bring children?

Can I come Solo?

Oh yes Han! We’re a friendly, inclusive event, and everyone is encouraged to join games, share games, and invite players. We’ll even have some sessions for meeting other players, forming groups and playing specific games.

Can I come in a group?

Yes you can! We hope you’ll play with others too though, it’s so much more fun. Camping can be busy, so we cannot guarantee you’ll be able to camp together as a group unless you arrive together. Please don’t try to reserve space for friends arriving later.