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Festival Radio

This is SGFR, the podcast radio channel for the Strange Games Festival.

2023 featured: Pre-festival teasers:

and a rich round up of war stories and highlights of future glories to whet your appetite for the 2023 festival.
Part 1
Strange traitors; Alice is Missing; VRScapism, and; Character Building Experience…

Part 2:
Mausritter; Sign; Spit Roast, and; Checkout Library.

Shows from last year:

For a feel of what last year was like – here are all our episodes from before and during the festival in 2022; twice daily round ups of war stories and highlights of future glories live on Discord and at your beck and call on
(Go one, pick one at random and check it out, or… or listen to them all – (four and a half hours of your life that you’ll never get back) – we dares you!):

Talking about: New Board Gamers Session / Additional Games lending library / Hosted Jack Box games / Beginners Werewolf / Medieval Combat School / The Festival Bard

The RPG special – Talking about: Faerie Well and An Elf Named ‘Roots’ (5e DnD) / D&D 5e One Shot, Beginners games / Call of Cthulhu / Brute Force and Ignorance / The Laundry

 Talking about: Two Rooms and a Boom / Death Bringer (RPG) / Starship Bridge Simulator / Diplomacy

Talking about: Space Cadets – Dice Duel / Scythe / Disco with Zoe Hart / Today’s news / Eats and Drinks / The Scrolls of Glory

In which we chat about: The Story Master’s Tales / Tiki (Chill Out) Bar / Kubb and Molkky / The Quiz / The Scrolls of Glory

Wittering on about: Twilight Imperium / Library Labyrinth / Mask Making with Silvia / Today’s announcements from Our Gracious Leader Simon / The Scrolls of Glory

In which we natter about: The History of wHerewolf (with the H) / Werewolf war stories / The Future of wHerewolf (with the H) / Great Scott / The Scrolls of Glory

Featuring:  Hope Games Showdown / A montage of War Stories / Surviving Atlantis (board game)- a nearly useless visit

You can find our full archive for 2022 on Mixcloud.