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Events and activities

I want to run a game or event

Awesome! Get in touch with us at Or come see us at the Festival! Or y’know, wander round, find some players and a space and do it!

How do I find out what’s happening during the Festival (and before!)? What’s Discord?

We use Discord as a multi-channel text chat (like a dedicated Whatsapp) during the Festival (and before). It will also host our Festival Radio! You can access it through a web page or (better) by installing the app on your phone/PC. To join our discord, pop over to You’ll… Read More »How do I find out what’s happening during the Festival (and before!)? What’s Discord?

What else is on?

Various big games such as Blood on the Clocktower, Speakeasy and Two Rooms and a Boom, party games, a quiz, app-based outdoor games from PlayCulture, Medieval combat training and displays from Get Medieval, starship bridge simulation games from UKSBS, events on the stage, even the odd outdoor game dotted around.… Read More »What else is on?

What roleplaying activities are there?

We’ll have GMs running regular games of D&D and other systems, one-shots, short campaigns and much more. Mostly you’ll book these when the festival opens. There may also be some adhoc games arranged. If you want to GM, drop a line. Any game, any system, new player or veteran.

What’s W(h)erewolf?

Werewolf (or Wherewolf) is an amazing social deduction game of 10-20 players that lasts an hour or more. Try to figure out who is on your team, who’s a werewolf, and who’s a villager. We play in a circle (it’s a talking game, not a live action or roleplaying game)… Read More »What’s W(h)erewolf?