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Gangs of Oolvanvar, A Heist Tale, DnD

Saturday, August 27, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

This is a heist adventure. As such it can be played with a party that fully consists of thieves. However if things go awry the respective skills of a Warrior(Deathbringer), Grimscribe or Plague doctor will be in high demand. This adventure rewards intelligent, cautious, clever play but the inverse is often just as much fun. You are the elite thieves, thugs and specialists of a gang in Oolvanvar, Oolvanvar has many fences infamous for greed and cunning, and Boss Ogo is no exception. Ogo does a brisk trade in stolen goods and has the protection of a rival gang of thugs and bravos. For the past month no one has seen or heard from Ogo. The jeweler’s doors and windows are barred and no smoke escapes from his chimney. Like ravens circling a sink carcass, the local bravos and second floor window men smell a fortune for the taking. You and your gang of course have decided to cross Boss Ogo , break in, dodge his possible traps, get the goods and make it out alive.
Duration of the game 3-5 hours

Content warning: Body horror, Cosmic horror, Spiders
X card will be in use

The system: Deathbringer/Dungeon crawl classics

Deathbringer is a rules light version of the world’s most popular roleplaying game and plays very similar to DnD 5e or other retro clones of DnD. The game does have some differences which I think will make it a lot of fun for a one shot, highlights are deathbringer dice which are dice that allow you to roll a D6 to increase a D20 roll or do D6 extra damage or a D6 to reduce damage.

Spells do not have slots but use a roll over system and the higher you roll the more potent the spell, for this we will be using DCC (dungeon crawl classics) spell tables for. For more information please feel free to message me or check out this video Deathbringer RPG Walkthrough (Ep. 265)

Characters start at level 4
DEATHBRINGER Hit Dice: d10. Use any armor or weapons. Spend a Deathbringer Die to make one extra attack. Second attack at 5 th level. To start: doublet, shield, 2 weapons
GRIMSCRIBE Hit Dice= d6. Cannot wear armor. No spell slots. Roll to cast, DC 10. On a roll of Natural 1 gain 1 Corruption and roll on the Miscast Table. Gains spells by finding scrolls, spell books, or by having a friendly higher-level magic user teach them to you. You are a living grimoire, must tattoo all spells on your skin. To Start: first level spells and 2 second level, dagger.
SCOUNDREL Hit Dice= d8. Light armor only. Advantage when attempting stealth, climbing, listening, lockpicking, searching, etc. +4 to hit and double damage from behind. To Start: leather jacket, club or dagger, thieves’ tools, rope, grappling hook, lucky charm.
PLAGUE DOCTOR Hit Dice= d6. Leather armor only. Cure Wounds once per patient per day, Cure Disease & Cure Poison 1x per day. Create d4 potions a day (1) acid splash (2) sleep (3) poison spray (4) bomb [d10] (5) healing [d6] (6) hallucinations To Start: Leather beak mask and coat, meat cleaver, medical kit, very suspicious diploma

About Me: My name is Matt, i’ve been playing and mainly GMing RPG’s since the 80’s. I run a couple of games a week at the moment for a London club London Rpg Community but these games generally run online at the moment.

[5 available spaces] Under-18s must be accompanied


Saturday, August 27, 2022
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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