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Will there be food stalls? Can I cook?

We have food vans serving meals, snacks, vegan food and pancakes on site for the whole festival. And a bar and coffee van. (Responsible drinking is fine. Irresponsible drinking isn’t).

The site shop will be open Fri eve until around 8pm, Sat/Sun 9am – 6pm, and Monday from 9am. it sells cold drinks, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, marshmallows (and wooden sticks!), popcorn, milk and logs, and they take card.

There are supermarkets and takeaways nearby (some may deliver to the site). There are drinking water taps on site.

You can use BBQs and camping stoves if they are in the camp kitchen areas, on concrete or in fire pits. Do not cook on grass surfaces, or on the site tables. If you’re unsure please check with site staff. If there is a the long spell of dry weather we will have to be extra careful with BBQs and stoves. If possible, please eat from the food vans to minimise risk. Plus the food is really good 🙂

The site has some limited at-your-own-risk public fridge space available – ask at the site shop.