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Not long now!

Hello Campers…

Well, the festival is now… (gets his fingers out, concentrates)… five and a half weeks away! We still have Festival Tickets, but camper van spaces and bell tents are sold out. As we usually get a rush for tickets in the last month, if haven’t bought yours and want to come to the Festival, I’d recommend getting them soon (we have a hard limit on the number of campers we can have on the site).

The team is hard at work sorting out events, planning the site and doing the 101 things that are needed to make the Festival happen.

So what can you expect from the Festival this year? We’ve got a BIG board games library that you can borrow games from (for free), more marquee space, more food options, and more fun stuff. We’ve got more happening on the stage, including the infamous Quiz, and some awesome interactive storytelling.

We’ve got more slots for archery (and we’ve added air rifles, maybe crate stacking, maybe water rockets). We’ve got a Starship Bridge Simulator where you and four others can command a starship (Kobayashi Maru anyone?), medieval combat (with foam weapons), Blood on the Clocktower, Werewolf, RPGs… a whole Smörgåsbord of gaming fun!

So, grab your tickets now, and join our Discord to chat, make plans and keep up to date.