Craft, Chat, Paint and Prattle!

Shackleton Lodge (Big Lodge)

Help make community festival bunting, or BYO project/painting. A relaxed morning to hang out with other crafty geeky people with your choice of hobby (bring your paints, writing, knitting etc) - or use recycled supplies provided to make a flag for some community-made festival bunting.

Looking for a Game, Meeting Point

Village Square

Looking for a game? Turn up at the 'looking for a game' table at the north (carpark) end of the main square to meet others

Great Scott

Activity Centre

The whimsical 19th century parlour game that never was (Strange Games teamplay version!). Players build five inventions with an eye to victory in the inventor’s contest at the Great Exhibition. Draft cards with your team to create one of the greatest inventions (not) known to mankind! Once your invention is finished, your team will design/draw […]