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Possibly the last update before the Festival!

Hello campers!

A few last things to know/remember:


  • the Festival opens at 2pm Friday (please don’t arrive before then), and the Welcome Meet is at 7pm at the stage (please come if you can). We’d recommend not arriving after dark, as pitching your tent will be tricky. If you need to arrive Saturday, please wait until 9am so our reception staff can stagger from their tents in search of coffee first
  • there has been a burst water main on the approach to the Festival entrance. Please assume you’ll be using the main entrance, if it is closed, we’ll direct you to the alternative entrance
  • follow the directions of the parking stewards and park space-efficiently please
  • if you want to camp with friends, please arrive together, camping will be busy
  • please make sure you check in at the Festival reception and get a wristband
  • the Festival is at Bushy Wood Activity Centre, Main Road, Hailsham, BN27 3LZ

Before you leave

  • check your email for your e-ticket (subject: “Your ticket from The Strange Games Festival”, and has a QR code, it may appear as from WordPress,
  • join the Discord and install the app to chat and arrange games
  • read through the Info and News sections of the website

Things to bring

  • your e-ticket (if you can’t find it, your ticket receipt and name will be ok)
  • a torch
  • warm clothes/bedding for the night and evening
  • rain and sun protection
  • a powerbank to keep your phone charged
  • cash for the bring & buy and craft fair
  • crafty stuff if you like making things!
  • dressing up stuff if you want to look awesome
  • games, all the games…
  • other useful things
  • do NOT bring disposable barbeques or pets (or Monopoly)

Booking activities and events

  • you don’t need to book boardgaming and other open gaming
  • Archery and Air Rifles are booked through the campsite shop and cost £5
  • Blood on the Clocktower and Werewolf are booked at the BotC marquee and Werewolf Den/Campfires
  • Scheduled events and activities can be booked from 2pm on Friday here:
  • there’s a quick optional ‘What’s On Today’ meet at the stage at 9:50 each morning
  • check the schedule whiteboard in the Activity Centre, and use post-its (or Discord) to arrange impromptu games

Things to do Friday evening

  • come to the Welcome Meet at 7pm at the Stage
  • book onto some new player Werewolf?
  • learn about Christian Zoli’s new version of Wherewolf (at the stage after the Welcome Meet)
  • come to the main campfire at 9pm to listen to master storyteller Jon
  • hang out in the village square and play games
  • eat and drink from our awesome food stalls and bar

Hopefully that’s most things covered. If you have any questions, ask in the Discord, or mail

We look forward to welcoming you to the Festival and hope you have a truly awesome and memorable time.

See you in a few days!

The Festival Team