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Pre-pitched tents now available and update

Hello campers!

Pre-pitched tents are now available for the Strange Games Festival 2022 (26th-29th August)!

Find out more here:

Behind the scenes, the team is hard at work already, making sure this festival is going to be even better than last year’s. Our food vans and bar have reconfirmed, and we’re looking at options for a fourth food van, possibly a different one each evening.

Blood on the ClockTower will be back, as well as Werewolf (of course!), plus more boardgames and RPG action. We’re talking to boardgames companies about expanding our games library, and we’ll have a second marquee area to give you additional space to play.

We’re talking to the venue, and planning on more archery and other activities (possibly air rifles, crate stacking and the return of Nerf Wars).

And we’re looking at what big games we can play, including an Artemis Starship bridge set up (be the bridge crew in command of  starship, with real screens for your stations), 16-player Space Cadets: Dice Duel, Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies, Diplomacy and more.

Keep an eye on the Discord for news and chat:

And if you haven’t already, grab your tickets at

See you in the summer!