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Your feedback from the 2022 Festival

Hello Campers!

We sent out a feedback form to 2022 ticket-holders recently. Of about 370 sent out, we received 77 responses, a response rate of 20%, which feels like a good return.

To cover the good stuff first, the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Most of you praised the vibe/atmosphere and inclusivity of the Festival, which we’re really proud of. As the Festival has grown to its current size, it’s always been our goal to keep the feeling of a fun, friendly, welcoming community. You also liked the New Player sessions (and wanted more), the range of activities and the site. There were specific mentions for Jon the Storyteller, Blood on the Clocktower, the UK Starship Bridge Simulator, the Call of Cthulhu RPG and the Archery/Air Rifles (all of whom we’d like to get back next year!).

You liked having a bigger games library to choose from (some exciting news on that shortly). And some of you wanted the Festival to be longer!

Moving on to the things we can improve on, many of you wanted more food options, particularly healthier ones (we’re looking into this, and will have some new options next year). You also wanted the toilets cleaned more often (we’ve talked to the site, and they’re getting the plumbing sorted over the winter which will improve some of the issues, and will up their game on cleaning).

We plan for Blood on the Clocktower and Werewolf to have their own glades next year, which will both make it easier to find games, and reduce the noise problem late at night.

Lastly, our perennial problem – too many activities/events/RPGs getting booked out early. We’re aiming to have more RPGs running next year, and we’ll look at how we schedule event registration to see what we can do.

So there you have it, thank you everyone who gave us feedback. We’ve read every response, and even if your feedback isn’t mentioned here, we have taken note of it. You’ve helped us on our way to making next year’s Festival even better than this year!

Next year’s tickets will go on sale soon, and we’ll also have some exciting news about our board game library…