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Less than a week till the Festival!

Hello everyone!

The Festival is so close now… very excited 🙂

Here’s a bumper fun list of important things to know, ideas for what to bring and so on ahead of the Festival. Feel free to ask any questions in Discord, or by emailing

Firstly, join the Discord and put the app on your phone if you can. This is a text-based chat space for everyone to keep in touch and get updates. It’s also home of the Strange Game Festival Radio station. During the festival there will be daily channels here to help you make impromptu plans, meet up with people and chat.

Secondly, sign up for the mailing list (linked at the bottom of the site). Any last minute updates will be sent there as well as Discord and the Facebook Page. Please check your spam for mails from if necessary.

And thirdly, the site has a useful News section, which includes essential posts like, “Some useful things to bring to the festival“, “So you want to crew a starship?” and “Being part of the Festival tribe – Don’t be a dick!

A few things to clarify and then onto the fun:

  • you must have a ticket to come to the festival (doh!), if you want to bring a camper van, you must also have a camper van ticket
  • we have to be EXTRA careful about fire this year because of the drought; please help us keep the Festival safe. This means some restrictions on bbqs and stoves, and care when parking
  • there is NO SMOKING at the festival, and NO DISPOSABLE BARBEQUES
  • no dogs (or other pets) are allowed at the festival (if you have an assistance dog, please let us know)
  • parents, you are fully responsible for the safety and behaviour of your children at all times
  • the festival is an inclusive, welcoming space, a friendly community of gamers, please help us keep it that way. The festival motto is, “Don’t be a dick”.

What to bring to the Festival

Here’s a post on useful things to bring, and here’s a few random thoughts:

  • sun protection, rain protection
  • camping chair/stool
  • torch/lantern
  • bin bags to leave no trace
  • powerbank for your phone
  • cash for the Market/Bring and Buy
  • games, all the games.

Getting to the Festival

The Festival is at:
Bushy Wood Activity Centre
Main Road
East Sussex
BN27 3LZ

Wherever possible, please share cars or come by train. The nearest station is Polegate, about a 10 minute (shared?) taxi ride away. There are usually taxis in the station car park, and there’s a handy last-minute Co-op. Please note that buses may drop you the other side of a busy dual carriageway from the Festival!

Parking will be tight at the Festival, and we may have restrictions on our overflow parking due to the drought. Our stewards will guide your parking when you arrive, please park as space efficiently as possible. We may need you to re-park in the overflow field after your exhaust has cooled.

Arriving at the Festival

The Festival opens at 2pm. Please don’t arrive before this time – you’ll spoil the magic and make the festival elves disappear. Once you’ve been dropped off or parked, you’ll need to visit the Festival reception to check in. There may be some queuing at peak times – if you have any mobility issues or other disability that makes this difficult, just let one of our stewards know. Once you’re all checked in, we’ll point you to your camping area or pre-pitched tent. Please camp as space-efficiently as you can and follow the instructions of our camping stewards. If you want to camp with friends, please arrive together, as it will not be possible to reserve space for late arrivals.

Food and Drink at the Festival

We have some lovely food stalls, a coffee van, and a bar (plus the site shop). You’ll see these close to reception and the Village square (the hub of the festival). While you can cook at the Festival, we have some restrictions on bbqs and camping stoves this year, because of fire risk. You must only use them on concrete, away from grass (check with site staff if unsure). If possible, please use the food vans to minimise this risk.

The Welcome Meet and morning meets

The ‘all hands’ or Welcome Meet is the official opening of the festival, it’s at 7pm Friday evening at the arena/stage, just to the left of where you checked in. Please come along if you can, we’ll tell you about the festival, and have some fun. We’ll also have a quick ‘What’s on today’ meet for those interested at 9:50am at the stage each morning.

What next?

And the rest is up to you! The heart of the festival is open gaming – board games, role-playing, Werewolf, Blood on the Clocktower and more. We have scheduled events and activities (which you can book once the festival opens), but these are all optional. If you’re unsure what to do, head to the Village Square and pick up a game, check out the Schedule Whiteboard in the Activity Centre, look for ‘players needed’ signs on tables, maybe come along to one of our ‘new player meets’, or just go for a wander! If you have any questions, look for volunteers wearing lanyards, or hi-vis. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Leaving the Festival

All good things come to an end (until next year!). The Festival closes at 4pm on Monday, so please have your tent packed away and head out by then. There’s an optional ‘Farewell Meet’ at the arena at 1:30pm to say goodbye, shed some tears, hug new friends, and make plans to game for the last few hours.

We’ve always embraced ‘Leave no trace’. Please clean up your camping area, and wherever possible, take your rubbish and recycling away with you.

Don’t forget the Discord and FB group to keep in touch after the festival.

And that’s it!

Phew! If you got this far, thanks for reading. In summary: come along, be nice, have fun!

See you at the Festival